Fallout Shelter Time Glitch (EASY)

Fallout Shelter Time Glitch In along with this video I’ll be showing you exactly how to get tools faster. There is a catch to along with this glitch. The additional you do the time glitch the additional raids you will certainly have. I know that I did a big jump but you don’t must do […]

Fallout Shelter Pc Hack Cheat Engine

Fallout Shelter Pc Cheat Engine Accidents happen, and occasionally your dwellers will get a beating from raiders, radroaches, or fires. They will gradually heal back again up in order to full if remaining by yourself right after the problem is resolved, yet occasionally a collection of unfortunate occasions or a poorly-armed room means that a […]


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Fallout Shelter Pet Carrier Opening Rare Legendary Pets Special

Fallout Shelter Pet Carrier Cheat Fallout Shelter Pet Carrier opening. I open up 40 Pet Carriers in Fallout Shelter. A mixed bag of pets but some real gems in order to get my teeth into which includes the some very rare legendaries. Links ============================= Facebook: iffydoemain.org/www.facebook.com/GamingWithJollins Twitter: iffydoemain.org/twitter.com/gamingWjollins Website: iffydoemain.org/www.gamingwithjollins.co.uk Fallout shelter how in order […]