Fallout Shelter Glitch

Fallout Shelter Glitch

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Raiders will occasionally harry your vault, but a small preparedness goes a long way. It is possible to assign 2 vault dwellers to your entrance in order to guard as rapidly as against attacks, but this is often unnecessary since they are differentwise not producing anything or improving at nearly all.

Put 2 of your additional powerful nearly all of usapons with dwellers that work in the space nearest the entrance on the 1st floor and right after that upgrade the vault doorway’s health early on. When raiders come knocking, simply move your 2 designated guards from the nearby space to the entrance to fend off the attack. You don’t even have to drag them back right afterwards. Once the raiders are put straight down, your guards will run back to their own own previous job unprompted.

As you dig deeper, additional challenging threats such as feral ghouls and dyingclaws will also come knocking. In case you discover your attackers are beating your guards to the doorway, upgrading your vault doorway will purchase you extra time so they can get into location before the enemy breaches.

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