Fallout Shelter Save Editor app: MODS [1.10] *NO ROOT*

Fallout Shelter Hack App

Fallout Shelter Hack App

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Fallout Shelter Save Editor (Mobile)

Save Editor is a application (.Apk)
only with regard to plusroid devices!!

App Version- 1.5.4
Runs on- 1.9 (Game)
⚠️Features of Save Editor⚠️

•Backup Vaults
•Restore Vaults
•Web access with regard to PC
•Checks updates
•Change Vault quantity
•Toggle to survival mode
•Change sport theme
•Edit almost almost all sources
•Add Dwellers
•Modify Dwellers
•Customize Dwellers
•Add Prizes
•Edit storage
•Edit Mr.Handy Robots
•Edit Deathclaws
•Give almost almost all recipes
•Modify survival guide
•Stop present incidents
•Unlock almost almost all locked spaces
•Heal almost almost all pets
•Remove dead Mr.Handys
•Remove dead Dwellers
•Remove almost almost all rock and rolls
•Change present objectives
•Create SUPER Dwellers
•Edit wasteland products
•Send Dwellers to wasteland
•Heal dead explorers
•Breed Children
•Delete crap products
•Cure Dwellers from toxic
•Add random dweller (name)
•Give Dweller any gear
•Restore Backups
•Manage Vault #1-3
•Open present Vault (save)
•Download user created conserves

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You can type the list of your vault dwellers by numerous columns, which includes their own personal present job. Anyone on “Coffee Break” isn’t taking a breather from the power develop–it’s just a euphemism with regard to unemployment. Along without a job your dwellers are just soaking up food plus water, so be sure to time periodically check plus create sure everyone is busy possibly working or training.

They are happier whenever these people are busy, so you have no reason not to strive with regard to full employment. When assigning dwellers to spaces, maintaining them over a given space displays the net change (either positive or negative) on its efficiency. This is an easy way to create sure your dweller assignments are the most impactful, especially whenever testing to fulfill the objective of assigning dwellers to the proper space.

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