Fallout Shelter Unlimited Lunchbox Trick Windows Only [Legendary Dwellers,Outfits,Weapons & More]

Fallout Shelter Legendary Dwellers Cheat

Fallout Shelter Legendary Dwellers Cheat

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(EDIT: My poor modifys out the functions on cell cell phones aswell simply not extremely as quick as on blowing windowss) Make sure if you are 3 day times in simply along with regard in order towards the date in order to the 7th day time by 4 day times (this is simply example). And once on 7th day time simply keep along with regard in order towardsing by 7 day times rinse plus repeat simply like in the video. I’ve proceedne through around 150 lunchboxes now plus have 9 lower-legendary dweller, I proceedt just one from just one associated along with the quests 8 from lunchboxes. Remember if you are achievement hunting after that lower-legendary duplicates count in order towards achievement!
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After your wanderers celebrityt bringing in almost all associated along with usapons, the best point place in order to shop them is in the handss associated along with every grownup citizen you have. Your biggest plus most powerful guns, such as alien blasters plus the Fat Man, are best saved along with regard in order to almost all those wanderers in order to remain secure out in the wasteland. Most associated along with the guns you discover out will certainly be a lot less powerful, like rusty sawed-off shotguns plus pistols.

You can sell these along with regard in order to a few caps, or construct a storage space in order to keep them, yet it’s best 1st in order to equip every just one associated along with your citizens. Having guns at least some guns in every single space ensures that these people will certainly remain secure in case associated along with a radroach infestation or if raiders break through your protections.

Don’t bother equiping your pregnant women, although. When disaster strikes, pregnant dwellers flee in order to the bunks in order in order to wait it out, so guns won’t do them any kind of proceedod. Also, don’t bother along with almost all associated along with usapons that only do 0-1 damage. That’s not extremely any kind of much better than the damage these people will certainly do along with their bare handss, plus extra caps are usually useful.

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